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3 Tips on Waiting for a Towing Service

In this week’s Towing Service 101, we’re taking a deep dive into how to stay safe while waiting for a tow truck. Let’s be honest here. Odds are, if you’re calling a towing service, you’re not having the best of days.

Be it an accident or a flat tire that led you here, what do you do after you’ve called a towing service?

Waiting for a towing service tip #1: Put those hazard lights to work!

This may seem like a simple enough task but you would be amazed at how many motorists forget to use their hazards. Others wait until they have come to a full stop to turn their hazards on. In reality, you should turn your hazard lights on the moment that you realize that something isn’t right with your vehicle. This signifies to the vehicles around you that they should slow down and give you some room. This step takes 2 seconds and can make all the difference between getting to safety or being rear-ended by an oncoming vehicle.

Waiting for a towing service tip #2: Find a safe place to work!

Once you have your hazard lights on, it’s time to get your car to a safe place. If you can safely move out of the driving lanes and onto the shoulder of the road, please do so. If you’re unsure that it is safe to move your vehicle, don’t hesitate to stay where you are. Turn your vehicle off and make sure that your hazard lights are still on.

It’s important to communicate with the towing service’s dispatch team to let them know if your vehicle is in a driving lane. They will relay this information to their team and in some instances bring a traffic control unit.

Waiting for a towing service tip #3: Leave it to the professionals.

Towing service operators have bright lights, high-visibility vests, flares, and more to signal their presence on the road. Even with all these precautionary items, working as a tow truck operator is one of the deadliest jobs in the United States.

With that in mind, don’t attempt to lift your hood and try to do some work on your car right on the side of the road. You are putting yourself at risk of being hit by an oncoming motorist.

Calling a towing service doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. Follow these three steps and be safe while you wait for a tow truck. What’s another way you can prepare yourself for calling a towing company? Have a reliable towing company’s number saved on your phone!

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