Bus Towing Eugene

March Bus Towing in Eugene for Baseball Team

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Back in March, bus towing in Eugene was needed. Some of you might remember a bus carrying Elmira High School baseball players that crashed through a fence and into a tree and required bus towing. As a reminder, the driver and one student were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Everything checked out okay for all those involved.

We just wanted to share the pictures of the bus towing and let people know how we got the bus back onto the road. We used a rotator to lift the bus out. Our guys strapped up the bus and the rotator literally lifted the bus off the tree and over the ditch and also over the fence. Bus towing recovery accomplished.

We are just doing a bit of chest-thumping to our guys on a job well done. Here is to Tim and Greg and the entire team for accepting a great bus towing challenge. Cheers.

Bus Towing Near Eugene Rotator Hooked up
Bus Towing Near Eugene Rotator Hooked up
Bus sitting on ditch connected to rotator during bus towin
Bus sitting on ditch connected to rotator during bus towing
Bus against tree before bus towing near Eugene
Bus against tree before bus towing near Eugene

Details of Bus Towing Near Eugene

A call came into T&M Towing and Hazmat. A bus carrying a local baseball team crashed into a fence and needed bus towing. The bus towing team headed out to the incident to see what happened. The bus towing team arrived to see a bus that traveled through a fence, over a ditch and hit a tree. The bus towing team conferred and assessed the situation. The bus towing team understood that the bus weighed about 20,000 pounds. They decided to use a rotator to lift the bus and a heavy wrecker to tow the bus away after the work was over. The bus towing team backed the rotator in. The bus towing team found the towing straps and towing chains. The bus towing team attached the first set hooks to the rear of the bus. The bus towing team attached the second set hooks to the rear of the bus. The team then pulled the straps and chains taught. The bus towing carefully pulled the bus into the air. They were careful to maintain control. The bus towing team moved the vehicle two feet. The bus towing team moved the vehicle three feet. The bus towing team moved slowly over the ditch. The bus towing team continued to move the bus toward the road. Once the bus was over the road, the bus towing team set the bus down in the road. First, the front tires hit the ground. Next, the back tires hit the ground. The bus towing team disconnected the straps and chains from the bus. The bus towing team put the straps and chains away. Next, the bus towing team connected the bus to the heavy wrecker. The bus towing team was careful to attach the wrecker’s chains to the strongest part of the bus.


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Semi on Side Heavy Duty Towing Operation

Heavy Duty Towing 2 Trailers

Finding Hay When the Heavy Duty Towing Shines

Crockett’s Interstate( 541) 554-6731

Heavy duty towing was likely the last thing on a semi driver’s mind last week when he flipped his truck and trailer. Perhaps he was sleepy. We don’t know. HIs semi was hauling two trailers filled with hay. The semi and both trailers ended up in a ditch by the side of a gravel road. The heavy duty towing occurred near Eugene, Oregon.

The accident was initiated by a semi-truck driver who had veered off the side of the road. As the semi leaned, the lead trailer and pup trailer just behind it leaned as well. All three pieces of equipment flipped. Over 60,000 pounds of hay, two trailers, and a cab made for a complicated heavy duty tow and off-road recovery. Crockett’s Interstate heavy duty towing was called in to the rescue.

Crockett’s team of five first disconnected the pup trailer and unloaded the hay. They then connected the cab and trailer to a heavy wrecker and a supporting tow truck. In one motion, they turned the cab and trailer. The pup trailer was handled separately, which reduced damage and allowed for a safer, speedier recovery. The entire heavy duty towing procedure occurred in two hours.
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Big Rig Towing Eugene Link Road

Big Rig Towing – May 30

Walking the Line and Big Rig Towing

Crockett’s Interstate (541) 554-6731

Johnny Cash might have been playing on the radio for a big rig towing situation on Link Road this past week. The big rig towing problem happened on a narrow stretch of road where the difference between driving through cleanly and ending up in a ditch is a margin of less than 12 inches.

A Freightliner loaded with lumber tried to walk the line of Link Road, but veered an inch too far off the highway and ended up driving into the adjacent ditch.

Crockett’s Interstate Towing arrived within 10 minutes of receiving the big rig towing call. Crockett’s Interstate Towing used a 60-ton rotator to lift the trailer, and a 50-ton wrecker to winch up the trailer and cab as one single unit.
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